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Project Purpose

We are four families heading to Mazatlan, Mexico, to build two houses for families in need. In partnership with Homes of Hope we will give these families a debt free home which will help leverage them out of poverty.

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About Project Purpose

We are four families heading to Mazatlan, Mexico in September 2014, to build two houses for families in need. In partnership with Homes of Hope we will give these families a debt free home which will help leverage them out of poverty.

Each home project costs $12,500 (NZD) to build including funds required for furniture and fit-out. It is our vision to take a message of love from New Zealanders who are committed to seeing families free from poverty and that 100% of donated funds are allocated to the building project, with each family financing their own travel and accommodation. We ask that you also will partner with us in giving this gift of hope and freedom.

Mazatlan, Mexico

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Our trip to Mazatlan to build houses in partnership with Homes of Hope has shown me a powerful demonstration of Synergy.  “Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.“ We're a Kiwi team of 22 made up of 14 kids and 8 adults.  We come...

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Los mexicanos son un apasionado del fútbol!

Mexicans are passionate about football! We had the privilege today of joining the YWAM Soccer Club, which they run weekly with children in the neighbourhood surrounding the YWAM base. Several staff have a real heart for the kids and want to give them some fun and...

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Build 2 – Day 3

Our last day in the colonias was not quite so rushed, we had done a lot of work in the first 2 days and it felt good to know we could spend some time finishing things of nicely. The second coat on the interior was finished up first, skirting boards installed and then...

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Build 2 – Day 2

It was another really hot day but we got out to the site as quick as we could, and before it got too hot the last of the second coat was put on the outside of the house.  Meanwhile it was all hands on to getting the rest of the gib hung, and stopped.  All the kids had...

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Build 2 – Day 1

The morning dawned overcast which we were all pretty pleased about, we headed out to the base for a 7am breakfast and to help pack the gear for the day.  We arrived out to the colonias quite early to meet with Margarita,  how great is it that we are building for the...

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30% of all dwellings are made with rubbish

Source: INEGI

50-75% of family dwellings are owner built

Source: JCHS Harvard University


Moving from dirt to a concrete floor reduces reoccurring diarrhoea by 43%


A child without a home is 3 times more likely not to attend school


In Latin America, households need 5.4 times their annual income to buy a house

Source: AHS

2.5% of children under one die of exposure

Source: La Cronica Mexicali

Children are twice as likely to experience persistent chronic hunger and four times as likely to experience delayed development when homeless


Families struggling to keep their children safe & dry each night, feel trapped. They find it difficult to see beyond their situation.

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We personally have seen lives being radically changed and look forward to partnering with YWAM Mazatlan and Homes of Hope, impacting individuals, changing families’ lives and breaking the debilitating cycle of poverty. It is our hope that you can partner with us as we partner with Mazatlan families and build two homes in Mexico.

The Bowlers

One of our values is Adventure and so we choose to live life “outside of the box called normal”, chasing opportunities to expand our view of God by expanding our view of His world.

The Strongs

We are excited about working alongside those doing God’s work with families living in poverty in Mazatlan, and seeing God work in us to grow us as a family

The Browns

We are anticipating a time together as a family of hard work, fun, love, laughter, sweat, and tears.  A time to be reminded of all the blessings that God has given us.

The Halls